June 2017

Next Meeting

July 9th at Fatz Cafe in Easley at 4:00p.m.

Next Event

June 10 - SFWDA 'meet and ride' at WindRock.
No scheduled departure time or place. The 'Eastern TN' members will be
attendence along with a few South Carolina diehards

July 15 - Trail ride at Beasley Knob in Blairsville GA
An early start from the Lowes in Seneca at 8:00a.m. then out Hwy 76 to Blairsville
(2 hours). We will be monitoring the weather carefully to determine if the ride is a 'GO'.
The trails are very steep and are impassible and dangerous when wet.

Upcoming Events

June 10 - SFWDA Meet and Ride at WindRock (Oliver Springs TN)
July 15 - Beasley Knob (Blairsville GA)
September 21 - 24 - SFWDA's 31st Dixie Run at Golden Mountain Park in Sparta TN
October - 'Overnighter' trip centered around the Greeneville TN area

Check out SFWDA 'What's Happening' section, they are busy in 2017

Trick N Traction is on Facebook

Off-Road Vehicle Park

We reserve the right to cancel rides or functions as we deem necessary.
It is the sole responsibility of the attending individuals to find out.