Club Name

This organization shall be known as the Trick’N’Traction 4 Wheel Drive Club. (Here after known as T-N-T ) T-N-T was officially recognized on March 11, 1999 by the State of South Carolina and was issued a Certificate of Incorporation, Nonprofit Corporation. (Documentation available upon request)

 Club Address

Club address shall be recognized as the home address of the current club president (Address available upon request)



T-N-T was organized for street legal full-size four wheel drive vehicles as recognized by the State of South Carolina for the purpose of:

1. Promoting family unity and values in four wheel off road recreation.

2. Providing social, educational and recreational activities for it’s members and their families.

3. To enjoy and PROTECT the natural resources and support Multiple Use Principles as applies to public lands. T-N-T supports the philosophy of “Tread Lightly”. It is our intent to “Leave the trail in as good or better condition than we found it”


Membership and Dues

1. The total number of members shall not be limited at any time. Each Membership shall include immediate family, significant other or one regularly attending co-pilot.

2. Memberships and its fees are based on a calendar year, January 1 through December 31. T-N-T membership fees will not be prorated.

a. Membership will be based on T-N-T's yearly membership fee of $15.00. Membership includes full T-N-T privileges. At this time, T-N-T, as a club, will join SFWDA (Southern Four Wheel Drive Association) 'as a club'. All current T-N-T members are then eligible for all SFWDA benefits vendor discounts as a result of being a SFWDA member.

b. Any additional club or organization memberships will be up to the individual. T-N-T will not join any other groups other than the organizations noted in these By-Laws.

3. All persons applying for T-N-T membership will be required to attend a minimum of one club meeting and two club rides before their acceptance. T-N-T reserves the right to refuse any applicant. Applicants may re-apply at a later date. Upon acceptance toT-N-T, a completed application plus the appropriate membership fee must be given to the Membership Director or Treasurer.

4. All membership dues shall be paid no later than October 15 for the following calendar year. This payment can be received by mail, however personal contact is highly recommended. Any current member paying club dues after Oct 15 will pay the full membership fee plus a late fee of $5.00

5. Additional T-N-T funds will be raised by donations, fund-raisers or club functions.

6. An approved membership will receive one 4 inch round T-N-T sticker and one 12 month subscription of the T-N-T Newsletter All other expenses shall be the sole responsibly of the individual member.

7. Upon expiration of membership, former members shall be asked and are required to remove all forms of Trick'n'Traction 4 Wheel Drive
club identification from their vehicles.


Meetings and Attendance

1. Meetings of T-N-T shall be held on the FIRST SUNDAY of each month at such time and place as set by the Officers. Meetings shall be announced of their time and place in the newsletter

2.The members and their spouses / significant other who attend a meeting will be the voting party on any issues brought up at the meeting.


Rides and Functions

1. Overnight rides (Major Rides) shall be planned and announced no less than 45 days in advance of the ride.

2. All Day Rides will be planned and announced no less than 1 week in advance.


Administration of Officers

The officers of T-N-T shall be President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Membership Director.


Expenditures and Finances

1. All moneys received from all sources shall be immediately turned over to the treasurer for deposit into the checking account of T-N-T.

2. No withdrawal from the account shall be made without the approval of the Officers. All expenditures shall be made by check and items purchased shall be listed on the reverse of the receipt for records.

3. All checks written through T-N-T's checking account, shall have the signatures of both the Treasurer and either the Vice President or President. Two (2) signatures shall be required on all checks.



1. All T-N-T members will conduct themselves in a respectable, mature, and orderly manner at all club activities.

2. No drugs or alcohol use will be tolerated at T-N-T activities.

3. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated in T-N-T, Sexual or Non-sexual. Harassment by any member of another member, family, guest, or any other persons will result in a warning and then their membership being revoked. If a member leaves T-N-T because of being harassed by another member. The harasser will have their membership revoked so as to retain the member in good standing in T-N-T.

4. T-N-T supports the philosophy of “Tread Lightly”. When trail riding, it will be our intent to “Leave the trail in as good or better condition than we found it”.

5. There will be no belligerent or excessive profanity at club activities.

6. No derisive actions against any one will be tolerated This is to include any and all clubs and persons.

7. T-N-T members are responsible for their guests.

8. Any member found not abiding by the By-Laws of T-N-T are subject to disciplinary action. All discipline will be decided and carried out by the Officers. T-N-T reserves the right to refuse admission to the club or to Revoke Membership at any time.



1. The By-Laws of T-N-T will be reviewed and/or updated by the officers each January.

2. The By-Laws of T-N-T may be amended at any time by a two-third (2/3) majority vote of the attending members of a club meeting.

January 1, 1999

rev. April 2, 2000

rev. April 14, 2001 (III, 4)

rev. Oct 7, 2001 (III, 7)

rev. April 4, 2004(III, 4)

rev. Sept 12, 2004 (III, 2, b)

rev. July 28,2007 (III,2)

rev. December 2, 2007 (III,2)

rev. January 4, 2009 (III,4 and IV, 2)

rev. June 8, 2010 (III, 2a and IV, 2)

rev. December 5, 2011 (III, 2, 2a, 4, and V, 1)

rev. January 14, 2017 (III, 2a)

rev. March 5, 2017 (VII, 3)