What do we do?

    Mostly we just try to have a good time! We usually try to have at least one
    major ride per month and sometimes we will have impromptu rides before
    or after our business meetings. We try to find off-road trails that offer a good
    challenge to those with really built rigs but are not impossible for those of us
    with less well equipped rides. We are very active in trying to get the Forest
    Service to re-open trails in this area, and especially with the state aquisition
    of the Jocassee Gorges area. Many of the old trails have been closed for years
    due to abuse by litterbugs and irresponsible drivers. We believe that by
    organizing and following the priciples of Tread Lighly!, we can improve the image
    of Four-Wheelers in the community. As a part of that goal, we often participate
    in or organize charity events and rallies. For a look at what kinds of riding we do,
    please look at our picture pages.